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Best Breakfast for Healthy Intestines

Best Breakfast for Healthy Intestines - Maintaining intestinal health is not only about preventing the coming of digestive disorders. The more healthy the intestines, the more the immune system will increase, which will impact on a healthier body.

Did you know that most health problems that arise in the digestive tract are caused by intestinal conditions? For this reason, health experts advise us to maintain intestinal health, especially by eating healthy foods every day.

One of the most important meal times for maintaining intestinal health is breakfast. By consuming healthy food, we will prevent inflammation in the intestine more effectively because the levels of good bacteria in it are maintained. According to health expert named Sarah Berndt from Fit Fresh Cuisine, it helps us implement a diet with a balanced nutritional content or natural ingredients that can make the intestines healthy at breakfast.

“Nutrition in the food we consume affects the amount of bacteria in the intestine. In fact, the bacteria in the intestine also eat the food we consume and then become active so that it affects the health of the digestive tract and our immune system. Not only does it make us healthier, we will also have energy and a better mood. In addition, intestinal microbiomas seem to be able to control the inflammatory response so as to protect the body from a variety of dangerous patgiens, "said Sarah.

Most people think if to get these benefits, then we should take probiotic supplements. Indeed, probiotic supplements can help intestinal microbiomas be in a healthy condition, however, what we eat at breakfast can have a greater effect on intestinal health.

For this reason Sarah recommends that we consume plain yoghurt or greek yoghurt for consumption at breakfast, these foods are low in sugar but rich in healthy contents. If we add seeds and nuts, this will increase the number of good bacteria that make the intestines healthy. We can also mix it with granola to get a higher fiber content. With regular consumption at breakfast, the intestine is getting healthier.

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