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Difficult Fart Signs Of Intestinal Cancer?

Difficult Fart Signs Of Intestinal Cancer? - One health problem that we can experience is difficult to fart. Even though the stomach feels bloated and aroused, we are still unable to release gas, which makes the body feel uncomfortable. The problem is there is an assumption that calls difficult fart as a sign of colon cancer. Is this really true?

The link between difficult farts and colon cancer

Based on a study published results in 2018, colon cancer, precisely colon cancer is the cancer that causes the most deaths in the world after lung cancer. Although sufferers usually have a life expectancy of up to 5 years, still the early symptoms of this cancer must be watched out in order to increase hopes for recovery. Health experts from RSCM - University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial Syam, SpPD-KGEH said that there are several types of bowel cancer symptoms that can be watched out for, namely chronic constipation, feces that are similar to goat feces, abdominal pain on the left side, chronic diarrhea, until bloody bowel movements. In addition, if the pattern of bowel movements changes, such as alternating constipation and diarrhea, until a bump appears in the stomach, you should watch out. One symptom of colon cancer that cannot be underestimated is farting. If we often experience it to cause stomach upset and very uncomfortable, it could be this is a sign that in the intestine has been blocked due to cancer. For this reason, if we often experience it, you should immediately check your health condition to the doctor to find out the exact cause.

Some symptoms of colon cancer that you should watch out for

Health experts say there are some symptoms of colon cancer that we should be aware of. If we are able to detect this disease early, it is hoped that the healing process will be more successful.
The following are the symptoms.
  1. Bowel obstruction

As difficult as farting, difficult to defecate can also indicate the problem of colon cancer. This is caused by the possibility that there is a tumor in the large intestine or near the rectum that has inhibited the rate of fecal matter making it difficult to remove. This will certainly cause constipation, a stomach that feels very full, to an enlarged abdomen due to the accumulated dirt.
  1. Bloody bowel movements

Many patients with colon cancer who consider bloody bowel movements as a symptom of hemorrhoids. In fact, this could be a sign of a more serious health problem. Especially if there is no lump in the anus as hemorrhoids symptoms in general. If we experience it often, you should immediately check your health condition to the doctor.
  1. Pain sensation in the anus

Sensation of pain in the anus during bowel movements could be a sign of colon cancer problem, especially if we are trying hard to remove dirt that is blocked by a lump in the intestine.
  1. Change in texture of impurities

Dirt that turns harder, becomes like a grain, becomes runny due to severe diarrhea, or becomes very thin because it is blocked by tumor lumps may be a sign of colon cancer.

  1. Drastic weight loss

Do not be happy first if we experience weight loss drastically. Indeed, this will make the appearance look much better than when you are still overweight, but if until this happens in a very short time, it could be a sign that cancer drains the body's energy sources so that the body finally chooses to burn fat as an energy reserve .

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