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Is it true that gout sufferers can no longer eat meat?

Is it true that gout sufferers can no longer eat meat? - Gout sufferers do have to maintain their daily food intake. If until they carelessly eat or drink, symptoms of gout attacks will attack and make them difficult to do their daily activities. Only, does this mean that they cannot eat meat again?

Meat Consumption for Gout Patients

Health experts call gout sufferers as much as possible should avoid foods high in purine content like red meat, seafood, and innards. In addition, they are also not recommended to consume sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks to prevent gout attacks. Only, are they really unable to eat meat anymore? A study uploaded the results by the site proves the fact that people who live in the Arctic circle such as the Eskimos and North Indians do not experience gout. In fact, all their lives they only eat meat, especially fish meat. Research conducted by Schaefer and his colleagues in 1959 also mentioned the content of animal protein can actually help remove excess purines in the body. This research cannot be used as a reference for meat consumption for gout sufferers. They still have to reduce or even completely avoid meat intake in order to prevent the accumulation of gout in the body. Several other types of food that have moderate purine content should also be reduced in consumption.

Gout sufferers should ask their doctor for advice to find out how severe their health condition is and what foods are still allowed to be consumed, no longer consumed, and consumption is limited. If they are still allowed to eat meat, make sure to limit the portion and frequency of eating to prevent symptoms of the illness.

Foods that should be avoided by gout sufferers

In addition to not carelessly consuming food from meat-flesh ingredients, health experts recommend gout sufferers to avoid certain types of food.

Here are some foods that should be avoided by gout sufferers:
  1. Durian

Health experts call gout sufferers should avoid durian. This is caused by ingredients in durian such as ethanol, ethyl, or sulfur which can cause inflammation. If this happens, the risk of gout attacks increases.
  1. Ice cream

One snack that is loved by many people is not recommended for consumption by gout sufferers. This is caused by the presence of high-fat milk content that can cause inflammation. If this happens, the risk of developing this disease increases.
  1. Coconut milk food

Coconut milk is very delicious to be consumed anytime. Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that high-fat foods containing coconut milk can worsen the condition of gout and cholesterol in the body. Consuming it will certainly increase the risk of gout attacks.
  1. Processed food

Processed meats such as sausages and nuggets, sardines, corned beef, to packaged snacks have a good taste, but these foods can affect uric acid levels in the body. Taking it certainly can make gout attacks easier to come.

  1. Sweet drinks

Sweet drinks such as soft drinks, packaged teas, and other packaged drinks high in sugar, chemicals, and preservatives are feared to trigger inflammation in the body and eventually trigger gout attacks.

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