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5 Causes of Body Shivering Cold, Dangerous?

5 Causes of Body Shivering Cold, Dangerous? - Usually, the body is shivering caused by very cold temperatures. The body that strives to maintain internal temperature also tries to contract which finally makes us feel the sensation of shivering. It's just that health experts call the body that suddenly shivered could be caused by certain health problems.

Various causes of the body shivering with cold

Health experts advise us not to underestimate the symptoms of the body that shivering with cold. Especially if the air temperature isn't actually cold.

Here are some of the causes.
  1. Having a fever

If we have a high fever, it will experience symptoms such as body chills. This condition occurs when body temperature rises to more than 37.7 degrees Celsius. Usually, fever is triggered by the body's reaction to fight various infections, body organs that are inflamed, or when experiencing allergies.

When you have a fever, your body will experience symptoms such as a body that shivers with cold until the appearance of flu-like symptoms. This condition will usually subside by itself.

It's just that, if we want to immediately move normally, we can speed up the process of healing the fever by means of drinking more water or taking a fever reliever.
  1. Have hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a condition that makes blood sugar levels lower than normal. This condition will cause symptoms such as a shivering headache. Usually, hypoglycemia is triggered by the body that has not gotten food for a long time so that it no longer gets an energy source.

This condition also often occurs in people with diabetes problems. They are usually not able to control blood sugar levels properly so that eventually when blood sugar levels plummet, it will cause symptoms such as hunger, chills, and weakness. These symptoms will only disappear if we start to get food intake or control blood sugar levels better.

In addition to chills, the condition of hypoglycemia can also cause the body to experience cold sweat, palpitations, impaired vision, to convulsions. For diabetics, this condition can even lead to death!
  1. Experiencing hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism occurs when the body has difficulty maintaining the function of the thyroid gland so that it ultimately affects the body's metabolic system significantly. This condition can actually make the body become more sensitive in cold temperatures so that it will easily experience shivering conditions.

In addition to shivering, hypothyroidism can also cause other symptoms such as weight gain drastically without any apparent cause, swelling on the face, muscles that feel weak, painful, and stiff, hair, nails, and skin that looks more dry, constipated , to an increased risk of depression.
  1. Side effects of various types of drugs

Some drugs can actually provide side effects such as a shivering body. It's just that, usually these medicines are usually found on the market freely. In addition, some types of supplements or herbal products if consumed carelessly, instead of the right dosage can also cause these symptoms.

For this reason we should always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice to get safe medicines and the right dosage to prevent side effects.
  1. Drug side effects

Actually, the anesthetics will not necessarily cause side effects in the form of a shivering body, but there are some people who experience it, especially after the operation process. After waking up, the effects of this anesthetic still make the body temperature lower than normal so that we feel the sensation of stubbornness.

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