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Drinking Water in Glass is Not Closed for a Long Time, You Shouldn't Drink It

Drinking Water in Glass is Not Closed for a Long Time, You Shouldn't Drink It

Drinking Water in Glass is Not Closed for a Long Time, You Shouldn't Drink It - Sometimes, we forget to close a glass of drinking water and leave it alone for a long time. The water is still the same as when we took it before, but is it okay if we drink it later? The following is an explanation of health experts in this regard.

The impact of drinking water that is not closed for a long time

Health experts call water that is placed in a glass but not closed for a long time may experience a change in taste even though it does not change color or clarity at all. This shows that the acidity of the water has actually changed.

If we leave this water uncovered overnight, the pH level of this water tends to have decreased significantly. This means that water absorbs more carbon dioxide.

In addition, it could be in this water the growth of bacteria or fungi that makes it certainly not good for health. In fact, in some cases, drinking water may already be filled with mosquito larvae. Taking it will certainly have a far worse impact.

The same thing happens if you leave bottled water to drink the next day. Even though it looks safe to drink because the water is tightly closed in a bottle, health experts call this water could have been exposed to bacteria because it was touched by our lips or saliva when drinking it.

Various rules that we should pay attention to when drinking water

In order to get the maximum health benefits, health experts advise us to pay attention to several things when you want to drink water.

Here are the various things that we need to pay attention to.
  1. Drink while sitting

Not only in accordance with the teachings of one religion, drinking water while sitting can indeed provide better health benefits. This is caused by drinking water in a standing position can make the water flow directly into the digestive tract without going through the screening process first.

Even though the water is cooked and free of bacteria, it should indeed have to go through a screening process before it is actually processed in the stomach to make it able to provide greater benefits.
  1. Drink slowly

Even though we are very thirsty, it's better to drink one sip of water instead of drinking it instead of drinking it in large quantities. If we drink immediately in large quantities, it is feared that it will make us feel uncomfortable in the stomach or respiratory tract.
  1. It is better to consume water with normal or warm temperature

Although cold water or ice water can provide freshness after consumption, this will make digestion work harder to adjust the temperature to the body's internal temperature. This will only make the digestive organs disrupted.

Drink water with normal temperature or warm water which tends to be more easily digested by the body so that we will get maximum health benefits.
  1. Don't drink water immediately after eating

Health experts advise us to drink a little water before eating and wait about 30 minutes after eating before finally drinking it. If we drink water immediately after eating, it is feared that it will cause an uncomfortable sensation in the stomach to change the condition of digestive enzymes. This will certainly disrupt the process of absorption of nutrients.
  1. Drink immediately if you start feeling thirsty

Thirst indicates that the body needs additional fluid intake to overcome the dehydration condition and facilitate various systems in it. For this reason we should drink immediately if you already feel it.

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