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Egg Yolks Should Not Be Eaten?

Egg Yolks Should Not Be Eaten? - Eggs are one of the foods we often consume. Besides it tastes good and is easy to process, eggs also tend to be easily found everywhere at affordable prices. It's just that, many people consider the yolk as unhealthy food so we should not consume it. Is this assumption really true?

Is it true that egg yolk is dangerous for health?

There are so many reasons that make people choose to no longer consume egg yolks. It's just that, usually this is related to the presence of calorie and fat content in it. This makes the yolk accused of causing weight gain or an increased risk of high cholesterol.

Health experts say this assumption is not true. In reality, all parts of the egg are safe for consumption by anyone, including those who are on a diet program. For information, an egg contains only 78 calories. This means, the number of calories in egg yolk is actually not so high and is still safe for us to consume every day.

Also, eggs are actually high in protein. This content can help the stomach feel the sensation of fullness in a longer time. This means we can prevent the desire to eat unhealthy snacks that can cause weight gain. Eggs actually support the process of weight loss effectively.

Is egg yolk related to high cholesterol?

Eggs do have cholesterol, but being open means that you should avoid eating eggs to prevent the problem of high cholesterol. This is caused by the effect of egg yolk consumption from health problems is not so big. This means, as long as the consumption of eggs is reasonable, not excessive and not too frequent, it won't trigger the problem of high cholesterol.

Health experts even recommend us to consume eggs as a whole to get the maximum nutrition, not just white eggs or egg yolks. By doing so, we can get the protein that is good for the condition of body tissues, get vitamins and choline that are good for brain and nerve health, and lutein and zeaxanthin that are good for eye health.

Various benefits of egg yolks for health

Health experts say there are several benefits of egg yolks that we can get if consumed regularly.

Here are some of these benefits.
  1. High vitamin D content

The very high vitamin D content in egg yolks can support the health and strength of bones and teeth. Also, this vitamin will help the process of calcium absorption.
  1. High in omega 3 fatty acids

Many people call egg yolks high in fat. This is true, but part of this fat content is omega 3 fatty acids which are good for health. This content can support brain health and memory function, reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and inflammation.
  1. High choline content

The high content of choline in the eggs can help pregnant women get healthy content and reduce the risk of fetuses with neurological defects.

Despite having a lot of health benefits, health experts say some people really shouldn't be carelessly consuming egg yolks. For example, people with type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease should consult a doctor first before taking them.

People who have egg allergies should also avoid it to prevent allergic reactions that can not be underestimated.

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