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10 Ways to Overcome Stomach Trouble During a Travel Trip

10 Ways to Overcome Stomach Trouble During a Travel Trip

10 Ways to Overcome Stomach Trouble During a Travel Trip – One way that can be done to deal with stress and other boredom is to take a trip or a tour. Unfortunately, an unplanned tour actually brings problems. During the trip we did not feel well and the stomach experienced problems that are quite disturbing.

How to deal with stomach problems during pleasure

The purpose of our tour is to relax so that it is not saturated and disturbances such as stress can be overcome. Unfortunately, going on a tour can also cause problems for someone if they can't do it well. Stomach disorders often appear and are very disturbing. Here are some ways to overcome stomach problems during pleasure.
  1. Eating must be well controlled

Taking a tour to a new place is really exciting. Especially if you can consume a lot of new culinary there. We can try all types of food until satisfied before going home. Unfortunately, if we eat too much, especially if it's too spicy or sour, stomach upset can occur.

Instead of eating too much and having to spend everything you have already bought, why not just join a friend or family? Buy one type of food and eat it together with many people. By doing this the opportunity to eat too much and trigger a decrease in the speed of digestion will not occur.
  1. Consumption of fibrous foods

There are several reasons why we are advised to eat fibrous foods. First, fibrous food will make us easily full longer. If we are not easily hungry, the opportunity to overeat and stomach problems will not occur.

Eating something fibrous will also help you defecate regularly. Imagine if we were on a trip, we could not defecate regularly. The stomach will become large and bulge by itself and the trip will not run comfortably.
  1. Meet your daily water needs

If you become dehydrated, your body will begin to produce symptoms that make us uncomfortable. In addition to the body becoming weak, the stomach will also feel pain like cramps. Even though you're traveling, it's a good idea to bring drinks in a bottle. If you feel thirsty, you can drink it immediately during the trip.
  1. Don't just choose a drink

Each region must have a special drink that must be tried. You can try the drink even if you can't overdo it. Some drinks contain a lot of excessive sugar. If you drink too much sugar, the stomach can be uncomfortable. Especially those that are too cold while eating something hot. Only drink if safe like fruit juice and the like.
  1. Research local food

One reason to take a tour is to eat. However, if you don't know what to eat, it could cause big problems. Therefore, you are advised to do research related to the regional specialties. If there are ingredients that cause allergies, it's better to avoid them.

Some people cannot eat certain ingredients or products because they can cause problems with the digestive tract. Try to imagine if you are engrossed in pleasure and stomach problems. Certainly will not be able to go anywhere satisfied.
  1. Defecate regularly

As mentioned above, we are advised to eat lots of fiber in order to defecate regularly. Because some people have problems with public toilets or hotels that are occupied. That problem caused them to have difficulty defecating.

If from the beginning there has been a desire to prevent bowel obstruction by drinking water and eating fibrous, defecation will not occur. You can still urinate as usual.
  1. Always carry a hand sanitizer and wash your hands

When our pleasure often holds things, gets sweaty, and other things that cause our hands to get dirty. Even worse we often use dirty hands to eat. Be sure to always wash your hands before eating. Also be sure to always carry a hand sanitizer for sudden use.
  1. Wear the right clothes

If you take a trip to attractions that are cold or have a wet environment, bring the right clothes. For example pleasure in the mountains, you must bring thick or long clothes. Conversely, if a trip in a hot region, it is better to use thin clothing and bring a change of clothes if needed.
  1. Don't delay eating

There are two things that can trigger a person experiencing colds. First is the condition of the body that is wet like sweating or in the rain and not dried. The body will become cold and the stomach starts to bloat by itself.

Next is to delay eating. If you delay eating continuously, your stomach will produce a lot of gas. Well, this gas will make the stomach become bloated and painful. Eat regularly and don't be late.
  1. Bring medicine

Bring medicine to deal with stomach problems. For example drugs to overcome the problem of diarrhea if we suddenly eat wrong. Furthermore also drugs to increase endurance so that we do not catch colds. During this cold colds contribute to bloating in the stomach and diarrhea during travel.

Here are some ways to overcome stomach problems during a tour. From some of the reviews above it can be seen that food problems often become something that triggers stomach problems during pleasure. Therefore, make sure to only eat something that can be accepted by the stomach and maintain good physical condition.

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